Delivering the right message. To the right person. At the right time. On the right device!

The Blue Group combine our data expertise in building Single Customer View marketing databases with our vast knowledge of the campaign management and analytics software market to provide a full end-to-end marketing solution.

We can offer two world-class software solutions to empower marketers to create detailed customer segments and deliver personalised, targeted marketing messages across multiple channels and devices.

  • blueANALYZER Suite from BlueVenn
    BlueVenn have delivered over 1000 implementations across the world of the blueANALYZER campaign management and customer analytics platform (formerly known as Viper and smartANALYZER). The software is used by some of the largest brands in the world to run millions of targeted, multi-channel campaigns every day.
  • Intelligent Marketing Suite from SDL
    Blue Sheep are the leading technology partners of the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite (IMS) having delivered more implementations of IMS across Europe than any partner and awarded the SDL Campaign Management & Analytics Partner Excellence Award in 2013. IMS is the next generation in multi-channel campaign management and analytics with engagement and workflow tools to create complex marketing automations.


  • Streamline your marketing processes and take control of your data.
  • Send more campaigns (and quicker), make them more targeted and deliver more response.
  • Create dynamic campaigns from simple segments for ultimate personalisation of your marketing messages.
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness of marketing effort.
  • Enhance tracking activity and KPI measurement – across a multichannel environment.
  • A centralised source with all your customers, transactions, web analytics, email and other responses data all providing a deeper understanding of the customer journey, thus adding value to the intelligence behind your campaigns.
  • Increased visibility of your sales and marketing operations.

Why choose the Blue Group for your marketing solution?

  • The Blue Group coalition of Blue Sheep and BlueVenn have implemented more Single Customer View, Analytics and Campaign Management solutions than any other company in the world.
  • We are the only business that can provide a full end-to-end service to build, host and manage your database, apply the analytics tools, campaign management and install on premise, off-premise or in the cloud.
  • We are the ONLY business that will build your Single Customer View database and give you the full IP including all the load, cleanse, match and merge routines, rules, data schema, all scripts and associated documentation.

The challenges we come across…

These are just some of the challenges we come across when talking to organisations that have realised the need to improve their CRM and campaign management capabilities. Perhaps you’re coming across the same issues?

  • Using IT departments or SQL programmers and analysts to create customer data segments for large-scale, marketing campaigns is taking too long. Iterative campaigns cannot be considered and the time to get a campaign out is taking too long.
  • Utilising an agency to run campaigns does not allow us to react to market changes quick enough. Campaign selections take too long and we’re not able to get enough campaigns out.
  • We have data silos and our data is disconnected. We have grown rapidly over time and we’re now at a point where we need to retain our customers and build new ones using data-driven marketing and campaigns.
  • We find it difficult to answer simple questions about our customers. How many customers do we have? Who is our top customer? Which is our top product? How do we decrease customer churn?

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