Customer Insight & Intelligence

The foundation of everything we do across the Blue Group is to provide marketers with amazing insights and intelligence about their customers and develop data strategies to help realise untapped potential in the business.

Whether it’s a one-off piece of customer analysis for a single campaign or the provision of a full living and breathing marketing database solution, we can quickly understand and articulate your business needs to tailor the best solution to fit.

For some organisations we provide analysis on your CRM data to better understand your customers and for others we put in place the infrastructure to easily perform your own analysis.

Our ‘train-of-thought’ approach to data marketing enables you to run more effective marketing campaigns directly from the intelligence that can be gained from your data and we work with you to deliver improved results time and again.

Customer Insights for B2C Marketers

Deep within the heart of Blue Group we have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable B2C data marketing professionals in the world that are on hand to help organisations understand and evaluate the data available. Using the combination of our own solutions and analytics tools we’ve helped businesses to completely rethink their entire business strategy in a matter of weeks.


  • For one of the largest UK Retailers at BlueVenn we saved the business £millions by re-evaluating the profiles of their customers. By linking transactions and returns both online and offline, looking at patterns of acquisition and retention we were able to redefine their VIP customer profile.
  • For a luxury department store in London we improved the uptake of a new loyalty card to 7 million versus a target of 500k through effective segmentation and analysis of data streams into the business.
  • For one of the largest UK online fashion retailers we grew retention rates from 4% to 36% through a programme of customer analysis and by creating new product groupings based on historical transactional and demographic data. The process for change involved a whole-scale review of acquisition methods, retention strategies and churn management.

Customer Insights for UK B2B Marketers

Our clever data experts at Blue Sheep can provide “Money Map” reports on UK B2B databases using a combination of ideology and tools that have proven to improve marketing ROI by over 35%. Using the underlying foundations of the ‘Pareto Principle’ (or the 80:20 rule as it’s commonly known), the Money Map allows B2B marketers to focus their marketing spend at the top 20% of their customers who typically generate 80% of the company sales revenue. This ensures that marketing spend their budgets efficiently and stop wasting money on leads that never convert.

Using the power of the in-built UK Business Universe, we can map and enhance your database or CRM with powerful metrics to help define a profile of your best customer. We then map the results as a scatter graph onto a Boston Matrix to visualise and map the data. Using a combination of tools built in-house and the power of Tableau – the Gartner leading BI dashboard tool – we then shape your existing customers into customer groups and map penetration and maturity scores to your industry sectors based on Oxford Economic Forecast data.

And the result? We’ll give you insights into exactly who buys your products, who your best customers are, which will only respond to promotions and which leads are a drain on your budget and need to be avoided. Having isolated your best customers we can then analyse the UK Business Universe to provide you with every contact and business account that matches your top customer profile (including phone, email and address) so you can start to aggressively win more of the right business!

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