Transforming Intelligence into Wisdom!

The Single Customer View is a marketing database that provides you with memory, perspective and a trustworthy foundation for analytics and segmentation allowing marketers to create marketing campaigns based on Wisdom!

Only with a Single Customer View can you truly know the answers to simple questions about the quantity of customers you’ve got, response rates to campaigns, transactions and allows you to create campaign segments that you can be sure are precise and targeted.

Key benefits of a Single Customer View:

  • Maintain a 100% clean, de-duplicated and enhanced database of customers, products and transactions.
  • Combine all your data streams and silo data into one single database.
  • Link your customer data to other data sources to enhance what you know about your customers.
  • Unearth amazing insights and rewrite what you know about your customers with access to trusted data.
  • Increase efficiency and spend less time cleansing, matching and de-duplicating.
  • Own a platform for easy access to data and trust your marketing decisions.
The Single Customer View is fundamental and I don’t know how you can run a business without one. Stacie Maxey, Analytics Manager at LV=

How do we do it?

At the Blue Group we split CRM into “Operational CRM” (the Single Customer View) and “Analytical CRM” (Campaign Management & Analytics). By splitting the principles of CRM in this way it ensures that there is a prime focus on your operational data streams to ensure that any form of analysis is based on “Good Facts”. All to often business decisions are made upon “Bad Facts” which is the result of a lack of attention to ensuring that the underlying data is clean, de-duplicated, trustworthy, and more importantly, legal!


The Single Customer View sits at the heart of all your data-driven marketing and ensures that there is just one single entry for any customer record in the database. It is a living, breathing, operational CRM that matches new records against existing records as they enter the database, cleanses them, enhances the data and keeps an imprint of every interaction over time, every email open, every click, web session, purchase and interaction with your brand. It structures all the data from your channels and data streams in a way that allows you to make marketing decisions based on facts.

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